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Mark Johnston does very well with his staying horses , particularly when they are in all age handicaps. Why is this? Well 3 year olds get weight allowances when racing against their elders and as the year progresses and these horses get stronger, the allowance tends to work in their favour, especially over the longer trips. Mark Johnston generally acquires staying types and has become a dab hand at placing them against their older rivals.

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The rules for this system are:. This system is extremely reliable as it has produced over runners, and a confidence assumption can be made that the results are not random. Richard Fahey is maestro with young horses , and unlike Johnston, tends to focus on sharp, precocious, speedy types. He purchases these horses with speed in mind and invariably starts the flat season off at a rate of knots, racking up the winners before his rivals get into full swing. Some trainers are adept at getting their runners fit to do themselves justice on the back of a racecourse absence, and others simply are not.

Charlie Longsdon falls into the former category, and is very profitable when bringing back his horses from a break in autumn into winter.

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At this time, most other National Hunt yards are bringing along their runners slowly, with the horses often benefitting from a couple of competitive races to bring them to peak fitness. Longsdon takes advantage, recording strong percentages at this time of year:.

Longsdon has only been training for 9 years, and this system has been profitable in 7 of them. Hughie Morrison is a shrewd operator and very experienced trainer. He understands the importance of having a well weighted horse and manages to get his runners in this position by utilising the services of apprentice jockeys who are able to claim a certain amount of weight off their horse based on how many winners that have ridden. Morrison invariably finds excellent young jockey at the embryonic stage of their career, who provides good value for their claim, and his results with 7lb claimers riding his horses are fantastic:.

This system has been profitable in 12 of the last 16 years and although it is simplistic in nature, there is no sign of it slowing up.

Systems do not necessarily have to be backing in nature. Trends and angles can be found which produce very low strike rates and big losses, thus making them perfect for laying the art of betting on a horse not to win.

The Best Horse Racing System In The UK In 2019? (Fair Options)

This makes a very good laying system. Horse racing systems can be very profitable and a great aid to the punting armoury. However, it is advisable to use them in conjunction with form research and ratings, as solely relying on pre-determined selections can elicit a lazy approach which can in turn make it difficult to keep up to date with the latest trends, results, trainer performances and biases which may create new systems in time to come.

Although conducting extensive research each day may not be feasible, it is important to keep the tools sharp once in a while. Making sure that a system is consistent, has a solid set of selections and is based on sound principles, is a good starting point.

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As demonstrated by the example, systems do not have to be overly complicated — indeed those adding too many filters are often back fitting the data to produce a profit. The right systems can retain their profitability over time. Our Bookie selector is designed to find the perfect place for you to bet. What Are Horse Racing Systems?

Do Horse Racing Systems Work?

Do Horse Racing Systems Work? What Makes A Good System? There are several factors which make a good system, with the most important being: Consistent results — A good system will have a vaguely similar strike rate year on year and will not be skewed by anomalous results. Sometimes a few very large priced winners can distort the results of systems which would ultimately be unprofitable in the long run. Large data set — The more selections there have been, the more robust the system is likely to be. But to summarize his strategy, it comes down to one word: Data.

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Okay, maybe make that two words: Data and analysis. As certain as Benter was that he could handicap horse races, he realized now that they just didn't have enough data. The partnership between Benter and Woods didn't survive these lean times. Benter wound up back in the U. He pulled together a few hundred thousand dollars over two years in the late s, and made a beeline again for Hong Kong. Second, Benter believed that at least in theory, he wouldn't run into the strong arm tactics that had convinced him to leave Las Vegas.


He spent considerable effort trying to obtain and analyze a history of Hong Kong's daily weather, to see how might have affected race outcomes, but couldn't spot a pattern. It turned out his prediction model was exponentially more effective at improving the public odds than it was at generating odds from scratch. The money really started to add up now.

Imitators popped up, however, and the logistics of actually running the gambling operation wore on him.

The May issue of PRN is full of winning items, too, including...

He wound things down, gambled less, got involved with the Rotary Club. He thought about giving it up and coming back home to the U. But he decided on one last big race: a giant November jackpot called the Triple Trio. Winning was a 1 in 10 million shot, and it was such a big deal in Hong Kong that one-seventh of the entire population made at least one bet.

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