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After a month or so, I was advised to do little bursts of activity to build up my energy levels. A few times, such as when getting new prescriptions or groceries, parents from the school saw me the joys of living locally. I clearly looked unwell and was obviously in pain, but each time I was asked personal questions about the nature of my illness and when I would be back. I felt invaded. Sensitivity and respect fell completely by the wayside. I even received Facebook messages from parents of pupils in other classes.

I have heard tales of shopping being rifled through in supermarket trolleys, screenshots of perfectly innocent years-old Facebook pictures being shared around the playground, and teachers being so harassed on nights out that they have to leave. For the most part in my career, I have met very positive parents who are respectful and supportive — this particular cohort of parents were already notorious for grumbling about anything and everything, regardless of whether we had control over it.

I love my job, but it is hard, and sometimes made harder by such behaviours from parents.

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I want the best for my pupils, as I know their parents do. We are on the same side. Please show me some courtesy and respect for my professionalism but also for my private life. I am not just a teacher, but a human being too.

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I. Staff and Training

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? I did so and what I saw was disgusting. I watched the teachers not watching certian spots of playground for minutes at end even facing in the opposite direction.

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I also witnessed 5 other boys fighting ,punching kicking etc. This was happening for about 4 mins and teachers were talking. I want to call the board but am afraid if I do so i may broken a rule to request permission to observe. Unfortunately, too often, teachers think recess is their social time when really they are still responsible for supervising children. It is very likely that it is. Your parent training and information center should know the state rules.

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How does this provide any picture of what is really going on when your special needs child is terrified to go to school? Your state probably allows the district to develop policy about parent observations.

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Obtain a copy of the district policy on observation from the district website or central office. You can determine if they are following the district policy. They also use violation of FERPA as a reason to bar parents from observing their child in the special education classroom.

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They will definitely stage everything in advance because it happened before. The door is locked all the time too.

Since parents have seen that there are not enough staff now, they prevent parents from pop ups. Is there any laws override the school policies due to safety concerns?

While maybe not ideal, has anyone heard of forbidding parents from observing the special education evaluation process if their child is being evaluated for an IEP? When my kids were younger at pre-school, a one way window was always available to parents, teachers, etc. The teacher and I were observing through the one way window one morning at the school and witnessed a young student teacher look disgusted when my very active child and another active child joined the group.