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Vegan food is not complicated to make, I promise. Try to cook from scratch as much as you can, use fresh ingredients, lots of flavorful seasonings, and eat as many greens as possible. Here are some of my favorite veganized recipes! The following products are the ones that I use every single week, so I think that they are the best and most important kitchen tools for all vegans to have. Welcome to my vegan pantry! This is how I store all of my inexpensive dried beans, lentils, oats, and nuts.

27 Creative Salad Dressing Recipes That Go Beyond Balsamic

Also, you could join this Facebook group to find more easy vegan recipes to try! Vegan meat substitutes are great options to enjoy! I especially love jackfruit, vegan sausages, and the occasional vegan chicken tenders or vegan burger. These are some of my favorite ways to enjoy vegan meat replacements! However, the vegan food industry has come so far since then! The vegan cheese that is made now is creamy, cheezy, and actually tastes like the dairy cheese that I remember. However, I will say that my friend who is not vegan yet but trying!

Does that make sense? It might take you a few months to get used to it. We love to use vegan cheese for sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, gluten-free quinoa pizza , and to make vegan spanakopita! These are some of my favorite ways to use vegan dairy products! OMG but where do you get your protein?! Then humans eat the animal to get protein from their meat. Why not skip the middle man the animals and just eat the original plant-based sourse of protein? Makes sense to me.

Also, did you know that the largest animals in the world only eat plants? Elephants, rhinos, hippos, gorillas, bison, horses, manatees are all herbivores! Vegans can get all the protein that they need from beans, grains, lentils, vegetables, tofu, tempeh, nuts, seeds and lots of other plant-based sources.

Check this list out for more plant-based sources of protein. Here are a few of my favorite high-protein vegan recipes! I love grocery shopping and I like to shop around and look for the best deals on my favorite vegan products. Each list contains my favorite vegan products at each store! Remember to bring your reusable shopping bags and produce bags with you when you go grocery shopping. These mesh produce bags See middle picture below are my favorite reusable bags!

Middle These reusable produce bags are what I use for all of my produce. Right This is a picture of one of my recent vegan grocery hauls! The following store-bought prepared vegan food products are my personal recommendations. This list is not sponsored by any of these brands, these are products that I truly like and buy regularly as you can see in my vegan grocery haul pictures below!

Here are a few of my recent vegan grocery hauls! Here are some of the ways that I use these vegan products! Unfortunately, a lot of mainstream personal products are still tested on animals. Do your best to only buy products that have the cruelty-free label that means they never test their products on animals! This is the label on my toothpaste.


A label from a vegan product showing different types of symbols and their meanings. Non-GMO — This label means that the product contains no genetically modified ingredients. V — This is the vegan label and it means that the product contains no animal products, animal byproducts, and no animals were used during the manufacturing process. Once I looked through all of my personal care products and realized that most of them had been tested on animals, I got rid of them all and started buying cruelty-free products instead.

I tried a lot of different products. Some were great and some were pretty awful. The following items are my all-time favorite cruelty-free products that I use every single day. You can find a lot of these items at stores like Whole Foods and Target. If you want to see which brands are cruelty-free, check out this list.

Look below for the matching number to find the information on each vegan cruelty-free product in the lineup. It gives the perfect amount of hold without making your hair feel dry and crunchy. It smells like roses and it feels great on my skin. Your face will feel so clean and smooth after you use this scrub. It smells really good too! We have a few gardenia bushes in our backyard and I swear the perfume smells even better than the actual plant! The bottle is small but the scent is very concentrated, so it lasts a long time!

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Look below for the matching number to find the information on each cruelty-free product. It foams a little bit when you brush and the ingredients are super clean. My teeth feel so clean after using this toothpaste. It smells so good and works really well!

Jamie Oliver's principles for superb salads

My husband likes the bergamot and lime scent. It quickly and easily removes even the darkest color of nail polish. I never burn when I wear it. My husband prefers the spray bottle and I also like the sensitive face lotion. Always follow your doctors orders! I use these drops as immune support if I feel a cold coming on, to help clear up pink eye, or as a natural antibiotic if I have a small not serious cut.

I use these drops for small issues that are not serious. Look below to find the matching number for information about each of the cruelty-free products. It smells like peppermint and it makes my scalp tingle a little bit when I apply it. The coconut-pineapple scent is intoxicating! You can use this as shampoo, body wash, or bubble bath, but I use it as a body wash because it smells so darn good. It smells so delicious and each product is awesome!

I use this organic cornstarch instead of dry shampoo! The powder absorbs oil and makes your hair feel like you just washed it. It works best with light brown and blonde hair. Look below to find the matching number for information about each cruelty-free vegan beauty product.


This color correct cream gives me just enough light coverage to even out my acne-prone fair skin. The thin tip and super smooth pencil make it so easy to apply. It works great for dry and oily skin or combination like mine! This lip tint is the perfect amount of color and coverage for me! My favorite shades are blush and flicker. I use it every day and it makes my lips feel so soft! The colors are so soft and natural, perfect if you just want a little extra shimmer.

This is my go-to product if I wake up with dark circles under my eyes or an angry pimple pops up that needs to be covered asap. You mix the powder with apple cider vinegar and then you rub it on your skin. It will feel tight and your face will turn pink but it really works!

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It cleans out your pores, fights acne, and makes your skin feel super smooth! Give them the option.

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You never know, they might agree to try it with you! The easiest way that I made new vegan friends was to join vegan Facebook groups. I had no idea that there were specific groups with thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people!

I made a lot of new vegan online friends that I shared recipes with and found new vegan products to try based on their recommendations. You can even search for state or town specific vegan Facebook groups that setup vegan potlucks in your town, or share reviews of local vegan restaurants, or vegan events that are happening.

It can feel isolating to try to go on this vegan journey alone.

Herbs & Spice Combinations

Luckily, my husband did this with me so I had someone to talk to and experience it with. Left My mom enjoying her first oat milk cappuccino and vegan coffee cake at a vegan bakery! Middle We celebrated my 31st birthday with my first vegan birthday cake and my non-vegan family loved it!