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According to shots from set , there's sure to be sparks between Apa's character Griffin and female lead Maia Mitchell. Yara Shahidi and Charles Melton star in this beautiful teenage romance as Natasha and Daniel, who begin a whirlwind romance with a ticking clock: The same day Natasha meets Charles, she's about to be deported. The film is based on a YA novel of the same name , by Nicola Yoon. Director Nahnatchka Khan and actors Randall Park and Ali Wong come together for this tale of two childhood sweethearts who grow apart only to reconnect 15 years later.

One of the most memorable and romantic! Game of Thrones fans in mourning over the end of their favorite show might find some solace in this Christmas romantic comedy starring Emilia Clarke a. Set in London during the most magical time of the year, Last Christmas Kate meets Tom right when things in her life are falling apart—but is he too good to be true? Slim Daniel Kaluuya and Queen Jodie Turner-Smith are forever bonded when their first date is interrupted by a dark police encounter. Soon, the two are on the run—and unexpectedly falling in love along the way. Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver play Nicole and Charlie, two halves of a marriage that is breaking apart.

However, teasers of Noah Baumbach's next film hint at a love story as the film's center. But the real love story exists amongst the four March sisters, brought to life again by Greta Gerwig in her first film since Lady Bird. You not-so-guiltily watched A Christmas Prince some, notably , more than others.

Now, your love for this unabashedly cheesy Netflix franchise can safely leave the shadows. Cue the Christmas-themed montage.

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Teenagers Violet Elle Fanning and Theodore Justice Smith help each other through their lowest points and learn to love. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Twitter Reacts to the Impeachment Inquiry. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

Top 5 Best Romantic movies to watch

Is The Apartment even really a romantic comedy? I guess the term we use nowadays for a guy like C. One of the brilliant things about The Apartment —especially now, with our new sensitivity to workplace harassment and the bad behavior of men in power—is that even from the vantage of , the movie knew just how transactional sex and romance could be, sometimes willingly and often not. Austin Collins. Instead of one marriage, there are a whole slew of them. A fairly central character is killed off precipitating the funeral of the title.

The ensemble cast is charmingly quirky particularly the late Charlotte Coleman , but Four Weddings is best known for launching Hugh Grant on his long career as an awkward, floppy-haired, stuttering romantic hero who somehow overcomes his deeply British reserve to confess his true feelings. The movie is an unabashed confection: candy-coated to the point of causing cavities, and excessively rich with wink-winking nods to the Doris Day movies that inspired it.

But its characters do: these are people who know the strategic ins and outs of romance, and spend an entire movie one-upping each other.

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At the center of all this silliness is a character who truly deserves a happy ending—but not at the expense of the newfound freedom she inspired in everyone else. Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell teamed up for this fast-talking newspaper screwball comedy from director Howard Hawks. The film is older than most of the other rom-coms on our list, but in many ways, it was before its time—a media-world romance fueled by talky, mile-a-minute romance banter that posited the chemistry between Grant and Russell as a meeting of equally sharp minds with the same nose for news.

Kizz Daniel, Chidinma star in Hollywood style romantic comedy Love Me

Julia Roberts rebounded from a little career slump if you love trouble and want something to talk about, watch Mary Reilly with this utterly effervescent anti-romance, a prickly and witty comedy of jealousy that finally let Roberts show the hard edge lurking behind her thousand-watt smile. Eventually, he finds a second chance at love via a radio show, an homage to An Affair to Remember, and a manipulative 8-year-old, played with aplomb by Ross Malinger.

Sleepless in Seattle even in a pre-Google, pre-LexisNexis environment. James L.

Brooks wrote, produced, and directed this seven-time Oscar nominee, which put a slight little Southerner named Holly Hunter on the map and predicted the slow decline of American journalism. But above all, Broadcast News is a love story—between three career-minded journalists and the industry they adore, which tangles them into an achingly empathetic love triangle that puts each character on a path to heartbreak. Every performance in this film is a gem, and James L. Brooks guides the viewer so expertly that its paces feel inevitable, even as they jerk tears. In other words, these were two beloved actors stretching some already toned muscles, and it showed.

Notting Hill unfolds like a modern-day fairy tale, as a wildly famous actress falls in love with a humble shopkeeper. The clothes might be dated— was a truly embarrassing year for all of us—but the appeal is eternal.

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It checks all the boxes: the meet-cute, the wacky friends, the lovable stars with electric chemistry and a skill for adorably awkward entanglements. In fact, Notting Hill exceeds these conventions to a degree that, in any other film, might have been cloying and excessive. Really, there are multiple meet-cutes; Hugh Grant is exceedingly awkward. But thanks to its stars, as well as the careful writing by Richard Curtis, who had made magic with Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral just a few years before, Notting Hill hits all the requisite notes just right.

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After all, its hero is himself exquisitely sour: Phil Connors, a weatherman sent to Punxsutawney, P. That means that day after day, he gets turned down by his producer, Rita, played with twinkly self-possession by Andie MacDowell.

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He gets to know the inhabitants of this tiny town, to learn kindness and curiosity. And the repetition of time gradually washes away his misery and egotism. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, David Krumholtz, Susan May Pratt, and Larisa Oleynik round out the cast for an especially endearing view of high-school power dynamics and the banal cruelties of teenage heartbreak.

Darcy down a snowy London street in nothing but a pair of sneakers, a jacket, and zebra-print undies. Baldwins, Monets, and Cake Boys all swirl happily in the orbit of Cher Horowitz, a shallow Beverly Hills princess of hidden depth played brilliantly by Alicia Silverstone in a generation-defining performance. There would be no Regina George without Cher. Has there ever been a better teen comedy? As if. They fall in love, using technology that would eventually put both characters out of business if cameras kept rolling for another decade: the Internet.

Though a film about romance in the age of America Online was always going to be hopelessly dated, it was also the first rom-com to normalize the thrill of flirting via chat box with an anonymous stranger even while talking about innocuous things like butterflies and buying school supplies in the fall.