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It was hard to take my eyes off the screen when he was performing. As I grew older, Williams began to take more family friendly roles. In the early s, Williams began to change his image from family friendly to dark. His turn as the villain in the Christopher Nolan thriller Insomnia turned quite a few heads. Playing a seemingly normal drugstore photo developer, Williams tapped into some primal elements for the role, and was wrongly looked over for an Oscar nomination. The show, while not a ratings juggernaut, seemed popular enough, though it was ultimately canceled by CBS. In addition to the aforementioned Night at the Museum sequel, Williams will appear in a few other films posthumously.

The proposed sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire , however, will never seen the light of day. I would have loved to see him do something akin to what Louis C. Or even what James Spader is doing on The Blacklist. Williams was a versatile comedic genius, after all. He could have taken any number of roles in any number of interesting directions. Even a late-period turn as a character actor in a ringer role would have been something I would have loved to see from him.

He will be missed. Similarly, the announcement of a rebooted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film series was met with heavy scrutiny and criticism, especially as it was produced by Michael Bay, the director and architect behind the aforementioned Transformers film series. I saw the original Ninja Turtles film in theaters in I remember getting a haircut the same day, and then my dad dropped my brothers and I off from his s step-side Chevrolet truck.

I have incredibly vivid memories of being transfixed with what I saw on screen. In the early s, I bought the original film on DVD after a wave of s nostalgia began to make what was old new again. I thought it held up incredibly well, especially the absolutely fantastic Jim Henson costumes. The story was surprisingly dark, though it also contained the kid-centric jokes that one should come to expect when viewing these kinds of films. But overall, I thought it was a solid film. I still do — I rewatched the film earlier this year and I still think it holds up the sequels, however, are garbage.

What I got was not as good as the film project, but also not nearly worth the amount of Internet scorn the film has garnered since it was announced a few years ago.

This is a movie targeted towards nine-year-old boys, and on that front it is at least successful. It has its faults for sure, but there are also several surprises along the way. The biggest surprise I had was the performance of Megan Fox. Arnett is easily the funniest character in the film. Seriously, can people not just wait to see these things before turning on their caps lock buttons?

I have bigger issues, however, with the special effects. It is clear that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was shot on a budget much lower than the Transformers film series. The CGI here is pretty bad. The turtles themselves are totally ugly. The designs themselves are just plain ugly to me, however. Additionally, sets looked rather cheap and sparse to me for the most part.

The script is also not as punchy or funny as it should be. The humor should have been more appealing overall. It is totally disposable and cheap entertainment designed to appeal to young males. That is absolutely fine with me. The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film series should not be held up on an immutable pedestal.

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The first film holds up, but both sequels are hot garbage. This new film is about on the same level as that first film, and even has a few nods to the original as well. A total shocker, I know. This discouraged me quite a bit, because I want the film to be a huge hit so we can keep getting those awesome but little seen Stallone movies to keep coming out ditto Statham and Schwarzenegger. The mega-budgeted film is already expected to gross less than the second installment, which grossed less than the first film despite being a superior movie by far. The news that part three is already being seen, and for free no less, before its domestic release just kind of pisses me off, and I imagine it pisses Stallone and company off as well.

There is precedent for this situation. In March of , a nearly completed print of X-Men Origins: Wolverine was leaked online and downloaded many, many times. Leaked versions of nearly complete album releases have also dogged the music industry for years. After the rise of file sharing sites in the late 90s, it became almost impossible to keep this stuff out of the hands of crafty consumers. I have no problem downloading an obscure anime from the s that will never be released domestically. Additionally, I thought it was extremely shitty that someone leaked the movie in the first place.

I mean, who does that? I have similar thoughts and feelings about this Expendables 3 situation as well. I was just out of school and still searching for a job when it was released into theaters.

I did see Expendables 2 in theaters and really enjoyed it. I thought it was a massive improvement over the first film in the franchise. I noted earlier that it was a shitty thing to do for whoever leaked X-Men Origins onto the internet for anyone to pirate for free. I feel the same way about whoever leaked Expendables 3. The Expendables 3 will likely be released onto well over 3, screens in just one short week. In lieu of downloading it, just get out and see it.

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I want more of these old school action movies after all. The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is coming out not directed by Michael Bay, despite how other media outlets are reporting it. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to look back at the previous Ninja Turtle movie series to prep for the reboot. In the late s, the Turtles was the thing.

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The cartoon and corresponding toys were HUGE. Zack and I did a previous podcast on this movie which is currently archived and we both agreed that this film is pretty great. And, unlike the animated series around this time, the movie still holds up today. While the film had some distinct dark elements, it still retains the charm and goofy nature that one would have expected from the Turtles at the time. It is also one of the last movies to depict s New York you know, a total shithole. The action was surprisingly tight considering how limiting those Turtle costumes must have been for the actors.

I remember liking this one when I was little. That was probably because this film was directed towards younger audiences.

The Expendables

As the story goes, the first film caused outrage among parent groups due to the violence and dark nature which is hilarious to think about in terms. The studio demanded the film be more light-hearted and kid-friendly. The same thing would happen to the Batman franchise a few years later. As a result, the Turtles never used their weapons despite having them with the entire time , obtained an obnoxious teenage sidekick, and much more campy sequences.

The film came at the apex of Turtles mania, so I get why people are fond on the film.

The Meg ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

For that reason, I feel it earned its place in pop-culture. Oh boy. This movie was just a mistake all the way around. Like anything big in pop-culture, the Turtles had a short self-life. By , that popularity had waned. Though the film did okay at the box office, it was no way as successful as the previous two entries.

I. The Farm

Part of the problem was that the kids who were into the Turtles were growing out of it. I remember I went to go see this movie, but I was totally indifferent to it. I felt like I had to go because I saw the earlier ones my childhood misplaced sense of responsibility. The box office is just one thing. The movie itself was really terrible. Several narrative beats and character moments are a bit all over the place why does Mike, of all turtles, want to stay in feudal Japan again?

And the film just looked cheap. What happened to the awesome Jim Henson animatronics from the first two films? Those were mostly played for laughs.