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The third column lists a number: either +2, +1, 0, -1, or -2 Doing what you love to do and are passionate about; Doing what you're encoded for Jim (Twitter and Facebook) is the author of 8 books that have together sold .. (1), Deviate with Rolf Potts (2), DisrupTV (1), Distributed with Matt Mullenweg (2).

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Bird banding has three primary goals. Tree swallows, for example, always return to the same nest year after year, but their children never do. They disperse anywhere from one to ten kilometres. In another case, there was a red-tailed hawk that was 25 years old. He urges anyone who finds a banded bird to file a free report at BAND.


Why is David so compelled personally? So this is the ultimate hunting, with no killing. He uses a variety of techniques to catch the birds without harming them, depending on the size and type of bird. Some are banded while still in the nest. David spends as many as days a year pursuing his banding activities. About a hundred of those are at Luther Marsh, where he also holds demonstrations for students and others on a regular basis.

As for his avian affliction, he has no plans to stop anytime soon. There are lots of areas in which I can still experience something new. Ah, winter. Whatever we can do to help you get through the annual torture — we will.

We have a seven-bay service department full of certified technicians with, collectively, more than 60 years of experience. We also have all the latest bells and whistles — like computerized scanning diagnostics and computerized four wheel alignment — to give your car the TLC it deserves. The next time your Volkswagen or Audi needs service, why not give us a call? As described in the summer issue of this magazine, Cody set himself a monumental task this year. Dubbed The End-to-End Challenge, his plan was to run the full length of the often treacherous Bruce Trail, some kilometres between Tobermory and Niagara, and to do it in record time.

The start date was September Survive and finish the run?

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Record time? Old record: 13 days, 10 hours, 51 minutes. Meet fundraising goal? What kept him going? The promise was to finish. I could barely even walk because my hip was locked up. It took me five hours to cover 23 kilometres.

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All that mattered was putting one foot in front of the other. The best was near Milton, with ultra-runner Kendra Olsen. I just felt normal, looking around at the stars. Generous in victory, he offers help. He gushes with praise for all those who helped make it happen, saving special notice for girlfriend Allison Kennedy. Now for the rest of my life I can use this as a yardstick. There is a certain humble wisdom, born from hard experience, in the eyes of young people who accomplish extraordinary feats. Now it burns just as bright in ultra-distance runner Cody Gillies.

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Our trained, licensed technicians are available to assess any issues, service your existing unit or install a whole new system. Call or visit us online to find out more. Gloria, a champion of mental health care, and Janice, a tireless promoter of downtown Orangeville, were two of eight siblings in the Gooding family and spent their early years on a farm in Proton Township, later moving to north Oakville.

Her marriage ended and she became a single mother of two children, aged four months and four years.

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  7. It was a great time to start a consignment business. There was a recession, high unemployment, and mortgage rates were around 17 per cent. We sold everything for kids. Gloria continued her fulltime job in social service, while Janice focused on building the business. Not long after opening the store, Janice became involved with the Downtown Business Improvement Area and soon found herself its chair. The hot issue of the day centred on a proposal to widen Broadway to four lanes through the Orangeville core.

    Fearing the negative impact to businesses along the route, Janice. Instead, those trucks now take the southern bypass eventually constructed as an alternative. While that battle was still underway, Janice decided it would be more effective to pursue the issue from a stronger political position. She resigned from the BIA and ran for town council. Over the next decade, serving as both councillor and reeve, and on both Orangeville and Dufferin County councils, Janice was at the table as the community undertook several major projects, including the construction of Dufferin County Museum and Archives and Headwaters Health Care Centre, and the renovation of the Orangeville Town Hall and Opera House.

    I gave some of my best years to it. But there are so many other things to experience. She spent the next 16 years working to develop the market into the well-established and popular downtown institution it has become. Today, As We Grow remains a downtown Orangeville fi xture. Janice took full ownership in It began by providing vouchers to clients of Family Transition Place. It has also served as a model for a similar initiative in Fergus. Meanwhile, Gloria has had a different, though no less significant, impact on the community.

    She began working at Family Transition Place in during the early days of the agency, developing services for women and children, starting awareness programs in schools, and working with the hospital, police, and health and education sectors to create partnerships. In she shifted her focus and moved to Dufferin Child and Family Services, where she now serves as manager of child and youth mental health. Gloria is also working to bring mental health out of the shadows.

    The program launched in October with an inspiring presentation by Olympian Clara Hughes about the need to eliminate the stigma and fear that surround mental health. Gloria also hopes to launch a local chapter of the Women Who Care organization to raise funds for local nonprofits. It may be in the blood. Their year-old father Vern is a veteran of the Second World War, where he was taken prisoner of war, and their grandfather was a veteran of the First World War. How did Wayne Baguley, best known for selling country real estate, become president of Headwaters Arts?

    Wayne played drums for a rock band in the Toronto area for five years in the s, and then switched to managing other acts. During 15 years in the management role, he was active in the wider music industry, earning an honorary Juno Award in in recognition of time served on the Juno board of directors.

    Wanting to start a family, he bought a farm near Orton in and embarked on a real estate career. His three sons are now aged 25, 22 and Wayne takes a similar overseer-of-a-diverse-but-happyfamily approach to his role as president of Headwaters Arts, but that is married with a keen business sense. In particular, he sees a strong connection between the local arts scene and economic development. There are jobs to build those businesses, jobs to run them, a big effect outside art itself.

    This tirelessly enthusiastic cultural promoter believes deeply in the merits of introducing young people to the arts and fostering their creative abilities. We need to teach the business of the arts, and help these people manage their careers. Next year will include the Karen Kain Dance Scholarship. Marianne is a child and family therapist, and Ray short for Raymonde is a recently retired high school teacher. Both women have masters of social work. Over the years, they have worked with young people in the LGBT group, many for years at a stretch.

    And they are four times more likely to commit suicide.